There is truth and opinion. This is a very tough industry to work in and people will offer their opinions and/or critiques. If an owner/ producer offers an opinion about a certain member, you must know it's an "opinion"! You don't yell out, "F_ _ K YOU" over a conference call, especially not knowing what or who this person is and what they can do for the band. It's just not good business! Ironically the truth was recorded, but somehow it will end up mysteriously missing. In building any business you must build relationships not create enemies. A band is unit, family, brotherhood and we always had each others' backs. When one member's ego becomes greater than the bands success, it becomes detrimental to the band and the band must move forward. We are grateful for opportunities and the successes we have gained and will continue to move forward.

We like to thank all of you for your support and the love you have shown and we will continue to perform for you VERY SOON.

Again, Thank you, Titans


Jerry B.

May 30   - Dive Bar                     Las vegas, NVDates.html
June 13 - House of Blues      Las vegas, NVDates.html
July 18  - LVSC                                            Las vegas, NVDates.html